Shakti BioResearch, a Consultancy and Laboratory Service Provider, was established in 2007. It
is located at 1 Bradley Road, Suite 401, Woodbridge CT 06525.

Laboratory is well equipped to support pharmaceutical research and development.  We offer a
full array of services in support of research, preclinical, and clinical trials.

Our laboratory is equipped with biological hood and incubators for cell culture work. To support
molecular biology and assay development work, our laboratory is equipped with PCR machines,
MicroLumatPlus Luminometer, Spectramax plate reader with SoftMax PRO software, BioTek
ELx405 plate washer, and other support equipment such as multichannel pipettors, table top
centrifuges, water baths, balances, pH meter, refrigerators and freezers, etc. All laboratory
equipments are calibrated regularly to maintain the integrity of our work.
Shakti BioResearch
1 Bradley Road, Suite 401 | Woodbridge CT 06525 | Tel: 203-641-7827|