Research Based Services
Molecular Biology
    • Site-directed mutagenesis
    • Stable cell line production
    • Cloning
   Protein Expression and Purification
    • Bacterial, Insect and Mammalian Systems
Shakti BioResearch
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Drug Discovery
Target ID and Validation
    • SiRNA knockdown: gene specific and library screens
   Lead Optimization
    • Target specific biochemical & cell based assays
    • Cell proliferation assay
Clinical Research
In collaboration with our affiliate NorthEast
Bioanalytical Laboratories, we provide
services under GLP and FDA guidelines for

    • ELISA based assays
    • Translational medicine assays
Protein-Protein Interactions

    Preparation of libraries for Yeast Two Hybrid System
    Screening for interacting proteins using Yeast System
    Confirmation of positive clones